Visualise your product range

With MockShop all of your product data is highly visual, making it easier to plan, manage and execute better collections for your store.

  • Visualise your planned data
  • Create preferred collections
  • Test your range before the 'buy'
  • Automatic product data import 


Mock your stores up virtually in 3D

Create interactive 3D stores simply by dragging and dropping fixtures and products in MockShop's powerful virtual environment.

  • Digitally merchandise fixtures
  • Mock up stores by cluster
  • Powerful real-time heat mapping
  • Rich product data integration


Automated planogram creation

Create beautiful, easy to follow fixture and store planogram guides in seconds.

  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Quick to create
  • Images and data combined
  • Easy to understand


Making the numbers easy

As you create a 3D store mockup you can instantly visualise key numbers in real time.

  • Heat mapping on data including price, stock levels and sales
  • Stock level density and retail values by fixture, department of store
  • Stock and equipment costs tracked


Get a demonstration

Get a demonstration of MockShop's powerful capabilities. With our technology, you get a full store insight and the whole process is covered.