Send visual merchandising guidelines to stores

With ShopShape you can send store related planograms and visual merchandising guidelines straight from head office to your field teams

  • Full MockShop integration
  • Simple, easy planogram creation
  • Clear store-related merchandising guidelines


Improve compliance through communication

ShopShape's intuitive interface allows you to visually and verbally communicate with your stores, spot errors, fix problems and share stories

  • Instant feedback on retail execution
  • Messaging in one cloud platform
  • Send in-store photos to HQ and Regional Office


Audit your stores and centralise data collection

Monitor and send questionnaires to your stores on KPIs like: customer journey, brand retail standards and health and safety regulations

  • Receive standardised store visit reports
  • Track data from all stores in one platform
  • Rate your stores with interactive questionnaires


Put knowledge at your staff's fingertips

Give your store teams access to company updates, training manuals, and tips and tricks to empower self-learning

  • Create an easy-access knowledge base
  • Easily upload PDFs, videos and more
  • Share internal news and updates


Get a demonstration

Get a demonstration of ShopShape's powerful capabilities.

With our technology, you get a full store insight and the whole process is covered.