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e-Commerce and product photography

Need a reason to sell online, we’ll give you five

Product photography matters

It is not just a matter of our opinion but is the opinion of your potential customers, according to Jeff Delacruz, at Product photography is not just a luxury that big businesses can afford, it is a necessity no matter what size your business is. As long as you are selling online, your need for product photography will only grow. So to help you understand the importance, here are our top 5 reasons why we think you should consider professional product photography.

  1. People are visual beings and product photography  is the visual stimulation to your product. The good news is that visual stimulation can also serve as a stimulus to touch, taste and sound. This allows your customer to experience your product and invites an identity to your product.
  2. Professional product photography increases your chances of sale conversions as your product will appeal as a professional product - a trustworthy product.
  3. Professional product photography strengthens your brand identity because how you shoot your product tells customers what and who your product is. It will build your online presence allowing consistency throughout your business.  
  4. Shots of your product increase your search and social mobility because your customers are more likely to share images of your product across their social media platforms. The more shares your product pages receive, the more likely you are to reach new customers, increase traffic and support SEO through social signals.
  5. Professional product photography makes your business more personable and easy to trust that clearly demonstrates what the consumer can expect to receive what they have purchased. It also allows your business to feel more in touch with the real world. A trustworthy business in the eCommerce industry is a business with increased sales conversions and happy customers.

Your customers’ opinion matters

To sum it all up, having professional photographs taken of your product increases its visual value, not only monetarily but socially. Always having the end-user in mind, you want to create a valuable experience. One that they are willing to share with others. Now that we have given you 5 reasons, talk to us for a simple, easy, cost-effective solution to product photography.

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