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PEP South Africa Uses Profoto StyleShoots technology for E-Commerce Photography

PEP, the largest single brand retailer in the country, faced the challenge of capacity from a photography point of view. Keeping up with the number of items that needed to be photographed for e-commerce became a significant issue and traditional methods of deep etching and capturing multiple angles were time-consuming and inefficient.

"You can achieve 200+ images in a day"

Through incorporating StyleShoots technology (now part of Profoto’s automated solution suite) PEP’s photographers and stylists can shoot and instantly review deep etched images, saving time and vastly reducing the need for extensive post-production work. The cameras' advanced technology delivers for high-quality images with minimal effort, saving both time and expense for the photography team and business as a whole. "You can achieve 200+ images in a day" said Razeen Ismail (digital photographer).

"Enhanced web experience"

Implementing Profoto StyleShoots technology has not only improved their photography process but has also enhanced the web experience for customers. With the ability to generate instant images, PEP can update their website quickly, providing customers with the visuals they need. This has led to increased customer engagement, longer website visits, and a reduced bounce rate giving customers an "enhanced web experience" stated Peter Fortune (head of digital experience). All these factors have ultimately contributed to PEP’s success in the digital retail space.

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