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5 Popular Photography Trends To Follow In 2023

Photography has long been praised as one of the world’s greatest art forms, allowing you to capture moments as they take place. Technological advancements have contributed to changes in both the nature and style of photography, resulting in various trends emerging. By paying close attention to these recent developments, you can seriously elevate the look and feel of your brand as well as stay ahead of the competition.

1. B&W Photography

Although not a new concept, black and white photography has recently made a popular comeback. With vanity metrics taking a backseat and brands becoming more focused on delivering content that resonates with both them and their client, black and white photography is standing out. This is because it has the ability to:

  • Showcase authenticity
  • Convey feelings of emotion
  • Remove unnecessary distractions

2. Minimalist praise

Not only is minimalism a great way to attract attention to a particular product, it also allows still life photography to shine (find an awesome example of creating still life photography here). This isn't to say colourful and dramatic designs are to be neglected, but rather efforts can be shifted to precisely placing all features of the image to create a product focused image while creating a stunning visual.

A sense of movement and energy can be given to the product through testing out different compositions, lighting and layouts. This way a subject that isn't known for being too engaging can become attractive to viewers.

3. Video Is King

It's no surprise that video is a trend taking the world of photography by storm. Consumers are increasingly paying more attention to online video so it's only natural for brands to want to take advantage of this fact. In previous years a well-executed photograph of a product was enough, but now client demand has shifted.

Product photographers with advanced equipment are now able to capture products in motion, allowing imagery to carry out action and movement.

4. Flash photography

Flash photography will always have a place in studio for creative shots. It can be seen across portrait, lifestyle, editorial and product photography. It can be used for different reasons and effects, those being to:

  • Create a dramatic effect
  • Give an image a nostalgic feel
  • Handle difficult lighting situations
  • Give the illusion of three dimensionality

Flash heads can be integrated to form part of a holistic solution, meaning you don't have to make an either or decision when it comes to using flash during a shoot.

5. The Rise Of Authenticity

For a while the centre of attention has been on sharing images that are true to life instead of over edited and flawless. This trend doesn't mean that professional tweaks and playing around with light can never be done again, but rather the intention is to encourage personality, capture raw emotion and share "non-perfect" moments.

Getting images right the first few takes is easier said than done, and so more time and effort should be spent throughout the photography session. World class technology systems such as the Profoto Live make capturing these candid shots a lot easier.

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