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Product photography: good vs. bad images

And what to look for in your next shoot

Getting the bad images right

Let's talk about those bad photos you have taken for your products. The lighting is poor, the backdrop is a mess or it’s even your garage floor. What does it tell us about your product? Now, I know and heard many of our clients say professional photography is just way too expensive or “I just can’t afford it”. Although we have solved their problems by providing professional images at affordable pricing, there are still many who need help. So this is how we are going to try and help you. Firstly, we have to acknowledge that bad images are exactly that; bad images! They are not helping to sell your product as effectively as a well-composed and professional image. A good image will ensure that there is a preconceived tag attached to it; a high-quality product. Your product needs to look and feel reliable, especially online.

Good images minus Bad images equal sale conversions

We repeatedly talk about sales and conversion and the link to product photography.  Bad product shots are not visually pleasing and that does not encourage a purchase unless you are selling something for free.  Customers will view your product as poor and unreliable. Let's face it we all came across some sketchy brand that if the product was shot better you would buy it. With the growing importance of user experience, top brands are investing in their photography. The lesson here, product photography is your key to enhancing the experience of the customer leading to a better purchasing experience.

Give your business the best chance of growth and get rid of those bad images, reach out to a photography specialist like ours and get professional images now.  Additionally, to ensure that you always have good quality images of your products, we have created a little checklist that you can use.

A quick checklist for a good product image

  1. Does your image look messy and unprepared
  2. Is your background clean and contrasting to your product
  3. Is your lighting good? Or can you do better
  4. Does your presentation of your product sell
  5. Are your shots blurry
  6. Is the colour of your product true in the image
  7. Is your image over or underexposed
  8. Is your image distorted or unusual in shape
  9. Is your lead image captivating
  10. Is your image cropped correctly

Need help?

Would you like a consultation to evaluate the state of your product shots currently online? Send us an email and we can help you out!

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