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Video and the future of eCommerce

The Emergence of video for online shopping

In marketing, there is a great push towards using videos to promote the product and aid the customer in their purchasing journey. It is these experts who deem video more effective than photography. It is the more lucrative means of content distribution too, meaning it is the most consumed form of media by customers. So what makes video the holy grail of product sales? It’s all about the experience. Through video your product is given life and can be seen in its holistic form virtually.  

We here at Enhance Retail are no strangers to video formats. Each of our systems are fitted with video software allowing you to have unique, edited videos before you leave our premises. Many of our clients agree that they have seen a significant increase in sales and online engagement when using video as a means of communication to their customers. Video indeed is a method of communicating to your potential customer about the beauty and benefits of your product. What would you want that video to say? What would your video look like?

Using video to say more than you need to

Video is such an effective tool for eCommerce and marketing, yet it is the most underutilized format of media for these purposes. Product videos are popular with potential customers because they help them better understand what it is you are selling. It allows visual communication between buyer and product.  According to, visitors are 64-85% more likely to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video.

Another reason to consider the use of videos on your site is that Google loves videos. Videos push up the ranking of your site making you more likely to pop up on the first page. This is called increasing your ‘ searchability’. It is also due to the fact that videos are easy to share. Creating a space for community is one of the key factors for Google and making things shareable helps engagement. Videos are fully engaging because emotion can be added to any video, it will automatically captivate your potential customers. This is what makes video more clickable than images, blogs, forums and other mediums.


Think about how you spend your time online when researching a product? We are all customers in one way or another. It's like a trail of breadcrumbs and the most convenient way to encompass the whole journey could be compressed into a 30-second video.  Like a trailer to a movie.

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