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Selling on Instagram

Using video for Instagram Stories, feed, tv and Shop

Let’s talk about the Instagram shop feature. I saw a very insightful article that gave me a better understanding of what the real power that Instagram holds - more so that Instagram shop has. It’s important to understand what the end purpose will be for your video and how the best way would be to use them on Instagram. A lot of our clients say that the best feature of our automated systems is the video feature. They are able to create beautiful product-focused videos instantly. Meaning that it is Instagram-worthy and uploadable in minutes. Our presets are pre-programmed into the system so you don’t have to worry about any editing work. Those videos can easily translate into the content. Viola! now you have content and product video whichever way you choose to use it. So what difference will it make for the Instagram shop?

We know that there are various video formats for Instagram. Understanding which one is most effective for your product is the key here. Our StyleShoots Live and Eclipse video features are ideal for these different video formats.

1. Instagram stories

As far as we know, this is the most used video format as it doesn’t have the expected professional and beautiful aesthetics. It’s a more informal way to communicate than the IGTV feature. It is the most friendly low-pressure means of communication. Bear in mind that it is the brand’s first impression of your online presence.  According to an article from, these are the best ways to get started on IG stories:

  • An evergreen introduction to your brand (save this to your highlights to catch new eyes)
  • Quick, off-the-cuff product demos
  • Reposted user-generated content from fans

2. Instagram feed

These videos will be found on your feed.  These finds are expected to be a bit more polished and Product or brand-driven. Here is where you can really sell your product. It is also going to be the most viewed video format on IG. Its is easily accessible to your audience. However, it needs to bite-size and on-brand.  Here are some ideas courtesy of

  • Quick how-tos and tutorials (more in-depth than a Story how-to, but less detailed than an IGTV seminar)
  • Behind-the-scenes looks around your brand’s natural habitat
  • Stop-motion or time-lapse videos
  • Seasonal topics (think black Friday season)

3. Instagram IGTV

These are the longest formats as you can upload 15 to 60-minute videos to this space. These are great for storytelling your brand to your audience. This is an opportunity for them to explore the documented content of your business. Here are some ideas to consider for your IGTV.

  • A documentary that explores your brand’s story in detail
  • In-depth tutorials or how-to-dos
  • Video tours (i.e., your office, your desk, your closet, a space makeover, etc.)

From video to shopping, create the path you would want your buyer to take

Using these video formats are good for bringing life to your brand and implementing along with your Instagram shop. You want people to go beyond the IG shop and truly engage with your brand. Using these ideas for each video format would be a great start to building the ideal audience for your products. Having the shop feature would help make the buyers journey a little easier once you have established your buyer’s awareness with your great content. The videos give more push toward the buyers intent. This is the kind of journey you want your buyer to take while shopping on your Instagram profile.


Whether the use of video is going to be unique to your brand is something you have to consider before going ham with your content planning. We suggest testing the various formats to see, which your audience engages with best. Get really creative with your videos because if you enjoy it, your audience will too.

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